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Pivot Table and Trial Balances Function and Example

Before we close this dialog box, we need to adjust the pivot table layout. The layout defines how our pivot table will look like (for example, what headers and data will be included and how the table will be arranged on a tab). Let us click on Layout button to make necessary changes. You will see the following dialog box:

Pivot table wizard - layout

On the screen, we want to arrange our data so that it looks like a comparative trial balance:

  • ROW will contain Account and Description;
  • COLUMN will contain TB Period; and
  • DATA will contain Debit / Credit.

To put that in place, we drag those headings from the right into respective areas on the layout. For example, we drag Account to ROW:

Pivot table wizard - adding Account

We then add Description to ROW, TB Period to COLUMN and Debit / Credit to DATA:

Pivot table wizard - all fields added

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