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Vlookup and Trial Balances Function and Example

We will use the following parameters in the Advanced Filter dialog box:

  • Action: Copy to another location (so that we can see the original and new lists)
  • List range: $A$1:$B$108 (click in the List range field and select the entire range where we copied accounts and descriptions)
  • Criteria range: Leave blank
  • Copy to: 'Step 3b'!$F$1 (click in the Copy to field and select cell F1; this is where Excel will paste the list of unique values)
  • Unique records only: Check this box:
Advanced filter parameters

Click OK and you will see the following result (tab Step 3b in the file):

Unique records pasted

If you scroll to row 57, you will see that the lists in columns F and G ends there. That is because Excel only pasted unique records from the list in columns A and B. In other words, we combined the two trial balances and deleted all duplicate accounts.

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